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Efficient and Effective Dorm Room Planning

Preparing effectively for college is one of the most valuable things that you can do. College costs thousands of dollars and years of your life. Of course, this is all for the worthwhile cause of advancing your education and improving yourself. Organization, cleanliness and being prepared are skills that are just as important as any degree you might receive. Be prepared for the years of college ahead of you, by packing all of the necessities that you need in a smart and efficient way.
When packing your cardboard boxes, first, consider your climate and how much you will be inside and outside. Oftentimes, the first year of college, you are required to spend that year in a dormitory. If so, you might find yourself using the indoor facilities more so than outdoor. If this isn't the case, pack for an outdoor climate, but don't bring clothes for seasons that you don't need. Keeping your items minimal will pay off as you are cleaning and organizing your room over the course of the…