Efficient and Effective Dorm Room Planning

Preparing effectively for college is one of the most valuable things that you can do. College costs thousands of dollars and years of your life. Of course, this is all for the worthwhile cause of advancing your education and improving yourself. Organization, cleanliness and being prepared are skills that are just as important as any degree you might receive. Be prepared for the years of college ahead of you, by packing all of the necessities that you need in a smart and efficient way.

When packing your cardboard boxes, first, consider your climate and how much you will be inside and outside. Oftentimes, the first year of college, you are required to spend that year in a dormitory. If so, you might find yourself using the indoor facilities more so than outdoor. If this isn't the case, pack for an outdoor climate, but don't bring clothes for seasons that you don't need. Keeping your items minimal will pay off as you are cleaning and organizing your room over the course of the school terms. You don't want to deal with over clutter in a small space while completing your school duties.

In terms of how to decorateyour room, consider the quality of the products that you buy. Invest in quality sheets for your bed, this will ensure comfortable rests after you're exhausted each day. Use quality organization, this will make your day to day existence easier. You will spend a lot of time at your computer desk doing homework. A pencil and pen holder, a file organizer for different classes and a mini fan are perfect additions to your desk.

In terms of the office supplies that you will need, you will enjoy having a tape dispenser, stapler, 3 hole punch, glue, scissors, paperclips, highlighters, pens, pencils and erasers at your disposable. It can be quite agitating coming home after a long day of classes and not have what you need at your desk to get a head start on your homework.

If you are a procrastinator, organization is your secret weapon. Invest in a small white board and dry erase markers to make a weekly or daily to-do list. Use this to jot down your ideas for an upcoming project, leave a note for your roommates or create a grocery list. Making a habit to use this will make your college life easier and more enjoyable.

Now for the fun part, decoration! During your free time, you might enjoy making your own decorations with crafts. Set a theme with your roommate and go Pinterest crazy! It is important to bond with your roommate Use those cardboard boxes that you used for moving and paint it to reuse it as a cute file organizer. Also, consider a humidifier. Dorm rooms or old houses can have stiff air. This will get you and your roommate sick. A humidifier that diffuses essential oils will become you and your roommates favorite item in the room. It is practical and calming.

Whatever you buy for your dorm room, buy a smaller size than you would your house. A small trashcan, small vacuum, small microwave, small computer, etc. By decorating with smaller and simpler items that are effective you will save yourself time, energy and money while making the most of your college life.


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