Moving Tips for the Not-So-Average Book Collector

If you’re anything like me and have moved recently you understand just how much of a hassle it is to move when you have a mini library in your house. For those of us who still enjoy the feel of real paper and the freedom of not having to worry about whether your device is charged to enjoy your reading time, you may have accumulated quite the book hoard. That love for your book shelves quickly diminishes when it’s time to move them all. I’ve outlined some tips here to help you, my fellow bibliophiles, move your babies more easily and less stressfully. From bookshelves to cardboard boxes and back again. 

First step is going to be a pretty obvious one, get rid of any books you don’t need or feel will not be utilized in your collection. If you know a move is coming, you should start this step immediately. Go through your book shelves and remove any books that you don’t see being read in the future. The added bonus is you can sell these books to people that may need them or donate them to those who would benefit. I do not condone throwing away books so please find some use for them or at the very least recycle them if you’re downsizing.
Now that you’ve downsized i’m going to prevent you from making the same mistake I made. Use smaller boxes for the books. Your first thought is to pack up as much as possible, until you have to pick those heavy things up. You forget how much 20 books weigh until you try to pick that box up and end up pulling a muscle in you back. If you don’t have small boxes that’s fine, you can fill them with bubble wrap to protect your babies.

Ok so you’ve downsized and bought smaller boxes. Let’s start packing up. Do not procrastinate at all, anything you know you won’t be reading until after the move needs to go ahead and be boxed up. If it’s going to be in storage for a while remember to have them spines down to protect the life of the book. You want them with minimal pressure, not bent, and not angled in a way that could damage the cover. Don’t forget to leave out some of your favorite reads in case you need one for the ride. If your books are going to be stored for a long time, you may wish to pack a box specifically for your immediate reading. I’d typically keep this with your chargers and other items you will definitely use on a regular basis.

Now you’ve moved everything, all of your furniture and items are crowding your house and all you see is a building full of cardboard boxes marked for their ultimate destination. I know we’ve all been there and the first temptation will be the get that couch moved in so you can have a comfy place to sit. What would be better is getting those books organized. 

Trust me, you do not want that last on your list. By the time you get everything else moved and organized you are not going to have the energy to move those heavy boxes marked “books”. Why not hit your books first so you have the hardest part out of the way, plus when you finish moving everything else what better way to celebrate then a good book.


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